June Beauty Buys


Literally no matter how broke you are at the time, and how much you know you should be saving what little money you have, there always seems to be so many things i feel i 'need' to pick up whenever i walk into boots or superdrug. For the most part, that is not the case at all, and i could very happily live without, but saying that...wheres the fun in that!?  So heres a few beauty bits i've recently picked up!

Clinique Clarifying toner | This stuff is my holy grail! I worship at the feet of this beautiful beautiful product! I literally feel a sense of dread when i get close to finishing a bottle, i know that my skin will very quickly change for the worse within a few days without this! For me it is rather pricey but it last me a very long time, last bottle lasted me nearly a year!

Freederm Perfecting moisturiser | For the longest time it seemed i couldn't find a moisturiser that suited my skin, and the ones that did, never seemed to mix well with my foundation (which is something i love to do, to reduce the 'cakey' look on my skin) Then i came across this product about a year ago maybe and i haven't looked back!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation| 

I was really hoping for good thing when i brought this foundation, and so far it has lived up to it's name!! yay! I have the hardest time with foundations, i have a lot of redness on my cheeks, and i have a strange ol' coloured face really, and i can never find a foundation that is a good colour and cover the redness well. I think i have come to terms with the fact i can not cover the redness, but i can look for a lovely coloured soothing foundation, and this is just that! Granted i have only tried it twice, but so far so good!

Collection colour pout lipstain|

Not really too much to say on this, it was a little impulse treat really, i didn't need it but i fell in love with the colour when i swatched it on my hand, because it is from a cheap make up range, i didn't have high hopes for it staying for being very vibrant, but so far i'm liking it! The stays not too bad, and the colour pay off is very good!

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