I think I'll miss you forever, Like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies | Outfit Post


I'm not going to lie, i think lanas not only inspiring me by her amazing breathtaking music, but a little bit of her style is trickling into my style as well.
I picked up these two items recently from ....primark! (would you believe it)!
I'm so happy with this 'bardot' style blue floral print crop top! the cut and fit is so flattering, considering the price, i am very impressed £5!
As for the skirt, I have been looking for a plain maxi skirt for the longest time that suited me, and this is perfect! The slit is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but because i think it's quite 'sexy' and i never normally go for clothes with a sexy vibe! But none the less i still love it and thought i would take a risk! 
I have just recently filmed a primark haul, so i popped on these sandals that i brought in the same trip, so i could show as many items on as possible! The periwinkle flower crown is just one that i made myself!




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