But it's in your nature, Blooms inside your blood...


Elephant | Forever21
Jacket | Thrifted
Belt | F21
Jeans | Thrifted
Bag | Thrifted
Boots | Thrifted
Necklace | F21

Hello you lovelies!
This outfit post is from a couple weeks ago,  i had completely forgotten i had taken snaps and they were hiding in a folder on my desktop! Hopefully this will be the last of outfit posts taken in my bedroom, as it's been so cold out i haven't wanted to take my massive coat off and venture outside to take outfit pictures! Hopefully no more!

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  1. I love your style so much! This outfit is sooo dreamy, I am literally heading over to Forever 21 now to see if they have the top in my size in stock, I NEED IT! haha, also, I love your room, but hopefully we can all get outside more now and get some lovely outfit shots in the fresh air and daylight, that would be lovely!


  2. I love your style so much! I've always been obsessed with boho and vintage trends but I just wish I could pull them off! x

    Always, Alice x

  3. You look really pretty, I think you've got an amazing sense of style!

    XO Imke // www.pastellics.com

  4. Your hair is so gorgeous! Love your style x


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  5. You look amazing x www.claire-frances.blogspot.co.uk

  6. LOVE LOVE your style! Especially your pants!

    Monica Harmony's Blog


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