The Body Shop | Coconut Body Mist Review


Delicious, sweet, mouthwatering coconut-y goodness! It's great because there is no 'perfume' scent to it (which i'm not a fan off) It doesn't get overpowering or sickly, which i find a lot of perfumes do, so it's perfect for summer!

If coconut is not your thing they have an amazing variety of scents to try including Vanilla, Mango, Shea, White Musk + many more!

I find this quality really hard to come by in a fragrance, let alone in a body mist! However with this beauty, i get comments and compliments hours after i've sprayed it!

£7.50! Compared to the price some perfumes can be, this is an absolute bargain and amazing value for money! For £7.50 you get 100ml, which i wouldn't be surprised if it lasted me 6 months or more!

Plus it's a cruelty free product (as all The Body Shop products are) which is an amazing added bonus!

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  1. I've always wanted to try this, but wasn't sure what it would be like! Thanks for the review! x


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