Ben Howard | I Forget Where We Were Gig 2015


 What I Wore 
Top | Charity Shop
Bralet | H&M
Necklace | Primark
Bag | Primark
Bracelets | Thrifted
Jeans | Primark

On Monday i had the absolute privilege of seeing my favourite artist in this world! I got my tickets for christmas and have been giddy with excitement waiting for april to roll around! I've been to a fair few gigs/ concerts in my time, and there is just nothing that has compared to this gig.

Most of the time when i go to gigs i have to stand quite far back because of anxiety, (it helps me to see a way out) but this time i literally said screw it and shimmied my way to pretty near the front. I did suffer a bit, but it was so so worth it.

Ben and the whole band were incredible, such incredibly talented people (bit of an understatement really)  It was mesmerising! I spent the gig sobbing and/or covered in goosebumps or beaming!
I couldn't really put into words what his music means to me, it's gotten me through some pretty rough times in my life, so it'll always hold a very special place with me.


I don't usually buy merch after a gig, but it felt like such a special gig i'd always remember, so i picked up this 'I forget where we were' tee and i haven't taken it off since!

I was also a little naughty and brought a couple off the men standing outside the arena (they were super cheap and i couldn't resist!!)

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  1. Your bracelets are so pretty !

  2. So jealous- I love Ben Howard!! Loved your outfit :D


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