Tips for Long/Healthy Hair


I've had a few questions on how i get my hair so long, so heres some tips!

1 | No dying! Embrace that beautiful natural hair colour! (even if just for a while, while you grow out your locks) trust me, your hair will be thanking you!

2 | No heat! Go au natural! Theres so many ways to style your hair without heat, and it really does help when it comes to growing out your hair. If you really can't go without hair dryers, always use the cool setting!) Heat is not your friend.

3 |  A good diet! You can't expect your body to make your skin glow and your hair long if you're feeding it crap! Having a balanced, healthy is a vital part of not only beauty benefits, but health benefits too!

4 | COCONUT OIL! You beaut! Basically you need to introduce this into your life if you haven't already! Not only amazing for the health of hair, but for skin too! Magical stuff i tell ya!

5 | Don't wash those locks too much! It may sound icky, but leave your hair unwashed for as long as you can! It is sooo much better for your hair than washing it everyday. Struggle with oily hair? Try shampooing twice in the shower, it makes a difference! 

I hope this helped!

Get Growing! <3

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  1. Your hair is beautiful! I am horrible with heating my hair too much, although I do see a difference if I stop for a few weeks.

  2. Your hair is stunning! I do my best to follow these tips but I'm so bad at avoiding heat and dye x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. Thank you for the comment on my blog!

    I am so jealous of your hair and wishing it would make it's way over to my head haa! x


  4. Such lovely lovely hair :) And greats tips for it too. I never used to do anything with my hair when it was really long and it always looked healthy. Now that my hairs shorter I still try to avoid too much heat ect as its the best way too keep it looking nice :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  5. Will definitely try these tips out! Maintaining hair is never my strong point haha.

  6. Amazing tips, no wonder you have such gorgeous hair! x

    The Belle Narrative


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