In this proud land we grew up strong....


Dress | Vintage
Mesh tee dress | Ebay
Fluffy Cardigan | H&M
Necklaces | Ebay
Boots | New Look
Fishnet pop socks | Ebay
Choker | Made by me
Blanket wrap | Charity shop

Hey guys!
Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Not going to lie, i've been struggling recently, especially this past week. I've got in such a rut and i feel so disappointed in myself, when i dropped out of uni i really believed i'd be able to experiment and see what i really want to do. Not to be, kind of 'trapped' in retail. I suppose thats why blogging is so popular! It's such an amazing outlet to focus on after a shitty day dealing with the general public! Definitely lifts my spirits! 

Last night i went with my papa to see Peter Gabriel (a very special thing my papa and i do whenever he's touring). I've been seeing him since i was about 8 or 9 and it really is humbling to sit and listen to his beautiful music, i think it came just at the right time! 


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  2. Gorgeous outfit! I feel exactly the same about blogging being a creative outlet. I work with the general public too and it can be so depressing at times, blogging is definitely nice to come home to! Victoria xxx


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