Harry Potter Studio Tour.


Professor Trelawney - my style icon!

Luna's wig - Hair goals!

With costume being what i would love to eventually go into, it was so amazing to see the costumes up close!

soooo yummy! 

Sorry for photo overload (it could have been 100% worse...trust me!) 
On the 1st, my big sissy took me to the Harry Potter studio tours, and i had the most magical day (yes magical!) I've never been able to save up enough money to spare to travel there and for tickets and it was killing me that i hadn't been, i felt like such a failure of a HP fan!

It was incredible to see the work of so many talented people! It's amazing to see all the little details they put into everything! It was quite surreal really, seeing all the sets and costumes and items that i've seen in the films for years and years, right in front of me! I left feeling so grateful for Harry Potter and to my lovely sister for saving the money to take me!

I was four when Harry Potter came into my life. My grandpa was determined for us to read and used to send us every new child release - HP was the only one that we read! haha) i used to beg my sister too sit and read it to me and explain things, and it hasn't left me since. It's been my childhood and it was such a moving day for me


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  1. This is so cool! So cool that you could go there :)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  2. it looks like so much fun!x



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