Black Sea, I failed to be a light you found in love....


At the moment i can't stop putting a ton of pressure on myself about what i what to be doing with my life, everyone says 'oh you're young you've got plenty of time' and i do believe thats true but also i'm in my 20's now and i really want to be pursuing something i love! Well following on from that, me taking a step back from my fashion studies has seemed to clarify how much i love it and want to carry on - it's like they say 'you don't know what you have till it's gone' Luckily it hasn't gone...i've just strayed a little


This fur gilet is one of the best £15 i've spent! I've been looking for a decent one for not to much for so long and finally just took the risk with ordering from china on Ebay! It is literally perfect - i do worry about sizings because they tend to be soooo small but this is perfect and even manages to fit over the boobies! YAY!

'I need to invest in another winter boot because it really is getting ridiculous with the amounts i wear these beautys'

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  1. awww love this so much, the gilet is gorgeous! love how you've styled it with the boots x

  2. beaut look girlie.
    also your garden looks so magical!! xxxxxxx


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