You breathe in the deepest part of the water...


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I underestimated how bloody hard it would be to have a full time job and blog!! As i can only do my outfit posts outside it all depends on what the weather decides to do on that one day off! Today i literally got ready for my day and checked BBC weather for the one dry spot for the day and grabbed my tripod and FLEW outside the minute it stopped raining (for a few seconds) So i hope that explains the lack of posts!

At the moment i'm wearing a lot of dark colours which i tend to do when the weather gets colder, so i'm loving playing with mixing texture and prints, so on my trips to the charity shops i've been looking out mostly for different textures and prints!


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  1. i'm in love with your boots, new look have upped their game this season, their shoes are incredible! love the dress too, looks great on you

  2. Hey! I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award! The blog post with all the details is linked below! Zoe x


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