You got that medicine I need...


Hello my Beautys! <3

I am so tired i can hardly stay awake, people at work tease me for not being able to hack the hard work but literally my body got so used to lying in and having no job or uni (and lot's of food...) that it's taking a long time to get back into a routine! I am definitely getting more used to this whole full time thing, but i'm not quite there yet! 


I've been thinking this week how much blogging has brought me out of my shell (style wise) I've always been very headstrong about what i like and what i don't like but to be honest for years i would keep the things i lusted after under wraps and wouldn't even bother trying things out because i just thought i would look shit or that people would laugh, so i would just buy what people i knew were buying! I wouldn't have thought taking pictures of myself in my outfits would be the thing to make me say 'sod em' to all the close minded people that live in this world, but it is definitely making a difference and i love it <3

(ps. i do own an iron. What i lack is the enthusiasm to use it...)

Dress | Vintage
Fluffy cardi | H&M
Boots | New Look
Headchain | Ebay
Necklaces | Ebay, Old, Charity shop

Sleek 'Matte Me' Liquid Lipstick


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  1. absolutely love this outfit especially those boots, i've been eyeing them for a while but they're all out of stock!

  2. You are just the prettiest :) Love the colours against the white and don't get me started on the head chain- it's lush :D

    Ruth x

  3. this outfit is perfect! love the headpiece and the white coat! x

  4. I love your dress! I tried on that cardigan the other day too but it definitely looks a lot better on you x

    1. awhh thank you so much for commenting! i love your blog so much!

      hahah i doubt that very much lovely <3

  5. That dress is so pretty, you really suit the vintage style

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin // Instagram


  6. Love this outfit so much x
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin or gfc? x

  7. So much jealousy! that dress is amazing x


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