Autumn Fashion Trend Essentials


1 | The fedora! Don't get me wrong, i still adore a good beanie when the weather is chilly but this season i've been loving fedoras and bowler hats, and not just in my usual black colour, i've been lusting after teal and burgundy colours as well!

2 | FLUFFY FURRY GOODNESS! gimme anything furry and fluffy and soft and snuggly! It has to be a autumn essential as i am obsessed  and i've picked this one from Topshop as an example, the cut and shape of this coat is lovely and i wish i could fork out the £79 for this beauty!

3 | Oh the smock dress. It should be should be so so wrong but for some reason it is soooo right! and this is one of my favourite silhouettes for this season and i'm sure it will spill over into 2014...(especially this one from ASOS sooo beautiful!)

4 | I have to whip out the docs! I throw my hands up and admit that i have never owned anything more than a cheap dupe but i'm hoping soon that will change yay! They are such an autumn/winter staple i had to pop it in this list!

5 | A dark burgundy/wine lipstick is an absolute must have for autumn/winter! In the colder months i can often end up wearing a lot of dark colours and i think wearing a dark lip pulls it all together and creates a dark gothic and i LOVE it!

6 & 8 | Unless you live under a rock you will have seen tartan EVERYWHERE this season, and don't get me wrong i love a bit of tartan in my life but this season i've been loving unusual tartan pieces and little hints of tartan, like these shorts with the tartan pockets which i am thinking of doing to a pair of my own shorts! 

7 | These vagabonds have me dribbling a little! I'm loving more masculine looking footwear so much recently it's become an obsession! (I've seen a pair very similar to these in New Look)

9 & 10 | Winter paisley! Too be honest with you paisley is an all year round print love for me. I find myself loving it in summer and winter and i can't seem stop myself reaching for lovely ethnic, paisley prints. Especially little baby-doll paisley dresses with thick black tights... and layered with thick knit jumpers...DRIBBLE!

11 & 12 | Chunky thick sole boots...these leave me a little weak at the knees! and no one seems to be doing it as well as vagabond at the moment! They are on the pricer side but shops such a H&M and Topshop have very similar styles so it is possible to create the look! I will be looking out for some dupes but if not saving up for some vagabonds it is!

What are your autumn/winter essentials?


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  1. wahhh number ten is heaven! is that free people??
    gorgeous x


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