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Tartan crop top | Primarni
Shorts | New Look
Belt | New Look
Rings | Ebay, vintage, Charity shops
Boots | New Look

Hey guys! hope you are all good!
Being at work this week has really got me thinking about human beings...What the hell happens to people in their upbringings that makes them believe that they can use you as a human punching bag? It really does baffle me, and also makes me question myself? I experience such bad guilt and sadness for people i could never treat someone like that, i would chew me up! I really do need to learn to grow a tougher skin, i have always gone by treat others how you would want to be treated yourself - but to be honest it doesn't get you anywhere, people just shit all over you anyway!

Well anyway, enough of human ramblings! I have another outfit post to share with you guys! I bought these shorts on a whim a couple of weeks ago. I am so picky with my denim washes (so weird i know) that when i find a wash and cut and colour i like i have to snap them up, and these were one of those pairs! I'm probably going to distress them even more than how they came but i love them! Thank you new look! <3
I love the look of high waisted shorts/skirts with thick black tights and whatever top takes my fancy, I've been loving this primark one recently as 1) it's tartan....2) I has a high neck (it's so chilly!!) and 3) It's just so darn cute!

Hope you are all having a lovely week! (and looking forward to halloween!) 


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  1. love this outfit! i featured one of your videos in one of my posts, check it out :)

  2. You look fabulous darling, I'm obsessed with you hair! I completely agree with your thoughts on people - I can never get my head around why people can't treat others how they'd expect to be treated!

    Elizabeth x

  3. I love your top so much! And it looks great with your shorts, and that super cuddly looking cardigan. You look amazing :) xx


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