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Considering i absolutely hated neon the first time around, (remember the neon ribbed tank tops with rhinestone buttons - gross! I can remember my friends birthday party years ago, to my horror the theme was neon! Mum and i had to run out and buy the cheapest neon garments we could find as i didn't own anything at all neon in my wardrobe!) I'm pretty shocked to find myself dribbling over neon items at the moment - especially that beauty of a colour lime

I'm adoring adding touches of neon colours to my outfits at the moment, as i own a lot of dark pieces i think it's a great way for me to brighten up my looks!

Burnt out tee | Primark
Necklace | Urban Outfitters
Black shorts | Vintage Levis
Neon shorts | Ebay
Bag | Primark
Shoes | Converse




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