September High-street Wishlist



and breathe.....

hey guys! I've been loving browsing all the high-street websites at the moment and looking at all the different collections, i absolutely love autumn, it's my favourite season - dressing wise! So i thought i'd put together a little wish-list! 

Jumpsuit  | How beautiful is this jumpsuit?! I'm not usually one for jumpsuits as i don't think they suit me very much, but just look at the pattern on this beauty! It almost looks embroidered! So beautiful!

Crop top | Now this beauty actually is embroidered!!!! dribble....thats all i have to say really!

Gypsy queen leather jacket | oh my god....this has got to be the most amazing jacket i have ever, ever seen! if only it wasn't £250.....god i hate being poor! 

Moon crop | to be honest, any top with a crescent moon on it has me sold! Not exactly autumn wear but i definitely will be rocking the crops in the next months

Blanket wrap | i've got to admit, i love this coming trend! and new look are definietly going all out with the blanket wraps! This one is one of my favourites they have and i really want to go and search it out in store! love love love! 

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