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Jumper | H&M
Shorts | Ebay (second hand)
Bag | Bootsale
Sliders | H&M
Necklace | Ebay
Cuffs | Ebay, Primark, Charity shop

Hey there!!

Please everyone ignore the fact i have the legs of a 10 year old boy...

Don't you think its crazy? We feel so much pressure to 'do something' with our lives and make something of ourselves, yet we are all put on this earth without any real purpose, we have this amount of time to do whatever we choose! As long as we are happy, does it actually matter at all! We should all just be doing whatever makes us happy! Theres no test at the end, just an expanse of time we get given on this beautiful earth to spend it however we wish!
 I was thinking this while on a dog walk the other day. I'm really struggling at the moment, especially with work, i am literally just living to work, and being at the place i work, i've become so unhappy that it scares me, but you see, leaving scares me too! All i can think about are the whats ifs? What if i can't get another job? With all the unemployment at the moment, is it stupid to leave a job? But then i think i will never know unless i try it! I think i just need to take my own advice and search happiness.

ps. god-damn i love my new shorts!


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  1. I love your new shorts too! And I wish I could say something to help you out, perhaps you're right and should just take your own advice. Live happy and be happy :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  2. cuuuute blog, i love your style! those shorts are awesome :) xx


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