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Well hello there! How long it has been! My internet was down for about a month and I was lost, lost i tell you! It's been a a weird old month, i'm getting so so unhappy at the place i work but i really want to stick it out for as long as i can, i have this habit of running away from things when they get a little bit tough, but i'm trying to break that, we'll see i guess.

I don't know if i've mentioned it on here ever, but about 3 months ago i decided to become a veggie! To be honest it wasn't even a decision, i just couldn't eat meat anymore, i just couldn't stomach it and everything it stands for. It has been the easiest change ever, i haven't even missed it! The only trouble i've had was struggling to pack protein into my diet, but i think i'm getting better at balancing it out, plus i've lost nearly a stone!! Crazy!

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  1. Love your kimono!! I was a veggie for 4 years, but I decided to start eating meat again last year because I started missing it, but I rarely eat meat at the moment anyway..

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  2. Aww congrats on becoming veggie. I've been veggie just over a year now and I havent missed meat at all. The only bad thing is pizza toppings get pretty repetitive when there's only one veggie option at most take aways haha. Also, I love your style so I'm just gonna go ahead and follow you :)

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