Primark Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


Well, as you all would of probably guessed, i do have a soft spot for primarni and when i spotted their 2014 S/S Collection i had to do a post about my favourite pieces!

The White Coat | Of course with primark it could look gorgeous on screen but could completely fall sort of expectations, but if this coat is done in a good fabric it's going to be a beaut!!

Strappy Back Dresses | I've seen these around so much in the last few months, but i'm so impressed primark are coming out with there own: Firstly that blue SWEET LORD it's beautiful and secondly that cute little orange one is going to be perfect for summer!

Daisy Print shift Dress | As much as i'm a little sick of the sight of daisy since summer this little cutie couldn't help but catch my eye! I love the simplicity of the silhouette and little white collar

Mesh Panel T-shirt | I do love me a bit of mesh, and in oversized form? HELL. YES.

Holographic Clutch | holographic print had been such a big trend and i must admit, it took me a little while to warm up to it but now a lovely simple holographic piece is ever so lust worthy!

Sandals | ooooooooh child! I do love the idea of these (if i was being very picky the sole could be a little thicker) but with the price i'm sure it will be i'm not complaining, i love the monochrome and simple design!

Coin necklace | yes yes yes and YES! i love coin necklaces so very much! I think if i get my hands of this beauty i will take the chains off the bottom so that the necklace ends with the coins but i'm very impressed!

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  1. keep seeing lots of exciting bits from primarks s/s range - love the holographic clutch and mesh dress here x


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