Maybe you were the ocean, when I was just a stone..


hello beautifuls!   
well the first week of 2014 has been a funny old one! So much as happened but i'm so happy to be taking some time off this weekend and visiting my lovely friend back 'home' - still don't think of this place as my home..
I've wanted a head piece like this for sooo long, but never bought one just because i thought i would never wear it, but some of my favourite bloggers have inspired me to just do it and fuck what people think and i love it! Still working out 'literally' how to wear it because i don't wear my hair in a middle parting (makes me look like a man...) it sits oddly on my fringe, but i will figure it out! ;)

Dress | Charity shop
Boots | Office
Headpiece | Ebay
Fluffy Cardi | primark
Hamsa hand | Kukee

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  1. Charity Shop Dress! Amazing I must say I am a little jealous, Always love your hair

  2. Gorgeous look!! That cardigan is adorable!


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