It's all about the tartan! | Autumn/winter Trends.


1 | Primark
2 | Alexander McQueen
3 | Alexander McQueen
5 | Topshop
6 | Urban Outfitters
7 | Urban Outfitters

Nothing screams autumn like a smidge of tartan! I'll be honest with you though i never used to be a massive fan, it always just reminded me of school, but as pieces are coming out for autumn/winter, i've been warming up to it loads more! I think my problem with it was before, tartan pieces only came in very traditional silhouettes, like pleated skirts and long scarfs but i'm loving the pieces that i've been seeing around in the last couple of weeks like the long tartan cardigans from UO, which look amazing with grunge/tough styling, i also really love it when the designers have played around with the tartan print to give it a new lease of life! 

Health Log!

I hope you guys reading this don't mind me adding this on or if anyone really cares, but i'm hoping having it written all over my blog, it will really kick me up the butt and help me with starting to eat clean and starting to work out again! So i thought i would log what i'm doing about it and what i'm eating and exercises i'm doing to help me tone up and get healthy!

Day 1: Going for a run later, and I'm going to take some 'before' pictures tonight so i can see where i want to focus my exercises on (oh dear god) and hopefully they'll motivate me (i have no willpower...) 

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