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So i hope this post doesn't gross anyone out, but i'm hoping theres some of you out there reading this, that could benefit from hearing the products and experiments i've tried with regards to getting rid of those horrid ingrown hairs.

No, no no i don't mean an odd ingrown hair here and there after i've shaved my legs. The backs of my legs literally all become ingrown. I'm not sure why this is, at first i thought it might be shaving that was causing the irritation but now i'm not so sure. i have been to the doctors and he just said just stop trying to get rid of the hair (HELPFUL!) So i've tried everything from cream, to waxing, to different exfoliators etc.. NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK! I envy you girls that can just shave there legs and head out the door without a massive reaction and then tons of ingrown hairs! You lucky devils!

Recently i started researched into it a lot more, as it was summer and everyone was whipping there pins out, i wanted an answer! I was finding lots of forums with people complaining of having the same problems with not way to get rid of it. I saw one lady had suggested Coconut oil, so i rushed out (literally) to my nearest health food shop and got the cheapest of i could find and, my god the gorgeous stuff helped me to much with soothing the sore bits! I didn't notice it get rid of them, but i definitely made a difference to the condition of my skin!

I was still desperate for a remedy as i couldn't seem to shave or wax my legs and then exfoliate without my legs getting uba sore, when i came across something in the 'veet' place in boots. These little exfoliating mitts. I was very sceptical when buying them, so i thought it was too good to be true. An exfoliating mitt that gets rid of your hairs at the same time? Surely not! But ALAS! It works a bloody treat! I admit it's not the most cost effective way to remove hair from your legs but thinking of my skin 1 month ago and them's amazing!! If you suffer from ingrown hairs then i definitely recommend you give these a try! (Just be careful not to go over the same bit loads ....i got very over excited) ;)

Boots | £1.99 (£1.33 at the moe!)
Superdrug | £1.09 

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