Woke to the fog all around us, The boom of summer time| Outfit Post


Hey Lovelys!
My god, it's scorchio isn't it!? Things are a bit crazy at home at the minute, so i'm glad i got the time to do a little outfit post! 
I do apologise for the amount of Primark in this outfit, i hate it when this happens, but sometimes it just turns out like that! I got this primark beauty of a dress a couple of days ago (bear in mind i'm wearing it backwards- I preferred the 'shirt button down' feel that it gives the dress) The Print and colours are gorgeous and perfect for summer!

Also just a note, if you notice a little fish on my wrist, it's a tribute to the beautiful Talia from taliajoy18, who sadly lost her battle with cancer this week. The fish is for 'a little fish project' which is little project to show our love and support by drawing a little fish on your wrist and posting it on instagram.
The world has lost and brave and beautiful girl who taught so many of us to just keep swimming and have a positive outlook on life! Thank you Talia, Rest in peace beautiful girl 


Face of the day
Bourjois Healthy mix serum
MUA Undress me too
The Body Shop Baked Powder Bronzed (Warm Glow)
Bloom Sheer Colour Cream (Coy)



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  1. Love your dress!
    Doesn't look like Primark.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Love your blog, now have to follow you :)


  2. Hey, I was just wondering why this post didn't come up on my bloglovin then realised the bloglovin profile you link from your blog is unavailable because it is spelled with two r´s! You might wanna change it to link to your actual profile that works http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/9933681/uk-fashion-and-style-blog so you don´t loose future followers! :)

    1. oh my gosh thank you so much for letting me know, i've had a lot of issues starting up on bloglovin', it wouldn't find my blog so i've been fiddleling trying to get it to link! I think i've sorted it now <3 xxxx

  3. Such a lovely outfit! xx



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