Trends| The Elephant Print.


Considering elephants are one of my top favourite animals ever, i couldn't be more smitten with 
this Elephant print trend that is circulating at the moment!

I think my love of elephants stemmed from a video me and my sister had that included Elma the Elephant! It was one of our favourites and we watched so much i think we wore the video out it also contained nelly the elephant <3

Here he is in all his glory! 

My lovely papa used to go away a lot when i was little to different countries for work, two of them being thailand and africa. He always used to bring me and my sister back little presents mostly hand my jewellery from the markets. Most of the pieces i still have today seem to have elephants on them! 

So, as so many beautiful 'elephant' pieces are making there way into the High street shops, i decided to have a little scan around and pick out some of my favourites!

(Just found a picture of my old duvet cover from when i was a little girl- and yes i had the matching pillow cases, curtains and wallpaper...haha!)

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters


Ebay | American





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