July Buys.


Hey guys! just a very small haul showing you the things i've brought in the last week or so!

I have wanted an orange lipstick for the LONGEST time now, and me and my friend livi have been on the hunt for a 'matte' pigmented orange lipstick, as she brought a revlon orange lipstick and the pigment of it was SHOCKING! ...in a bad way!
Although i would love an excuse to march on over to mac and buy a lipstick, i was sceptical, as orange is not exactly a day to day colour! So when i found this little beauty i was over the moon, (£7.20 with student discount)
The colour is super bright and pigmented on the lips, and even though this is a 'velvet finish' not a matte, i really love the formula and the finish it gives on the lips! I need to expand on my topshop lipstick collection! I have been missing out 


I got this little beauty from primark last week! The jewellery is very hit and miss with me, sometimes i feel like they are trying really hard but somehow missing the mark! (maybe it's because i do not have a liking for gems, diamontes, jewels etc...) However occasionally i spot an absolute gem like this beauty! It screamed out to me to buy it and who am i to deny a perfect necklace like this for £4! BARGAIN 


I got this little babe at a Bootsale last week for £1.50. My local Bootsale has been very hit and miss these past few weeks! (i swear when i'm desperate to find some good bargains... i never do!!) but when i saw this i knew it needed to be mine! It was originally from H&M but at the moment anything with a cute daisy/flower print is irresistible to me!


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