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I've been so giddy about this discovery! I've seen subscription boxes floating around youtube and blogs for years but never jumped on the bandwagon, until this beauty came into my life! 
This is an all vegan and cruelty-free beauty box! How amazing is this! 
It is released every 3 months (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) and costs £15 + £3.15 p&p on the months it is released.
 They also do a 'Lifestyle' vegan box too, which includes food, accessories,  toiletries, cleaning products, household supplies & recipes, which is £10 + £3.15 p&p a month 

 Sophyto Protection Serum £28.00

'Highly concentrated antioxidant replenishment that arms skin against environmental stressors'

This beauty is a serum, full of natural ingredients such as olive leaf & organic green & white tea. I had very high hopes for this product and it didn't disappoint! Feels lovely on the skin, and it's great to know it's protecting my skin all day!

Crazy Rumours Tinted Lip Balm £4.75

'100% natural & vegan, made with fine jojoba oil and shea butter'

I love me a lip balm, especially at this time of the year when my skin becomes the sahara desert. This one is a pricey little bugger, but it is a lovely product! I love how natural it is, it doesn't seem to do that thing that most lip products do (make your lips soft for a little bit, then worse afterwards!)

Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Body Wash £7.40

'Premium botanical bodywash from select quality ingredients'

I love how soothing this bodywash is on my super sensitive skin, i'm not a major fan of the smell, but when a product is organic and good for my skin and i really don't mind what it smells like!

Zk'in Skincare Deluxe Sample Pack 

'There are no parabens, no sulphates, no petrochemicals and no unnatural ingredients'

This pouch comes with 4 little sachets to try out some Zk'in skincare, i've only tried the line smoothing serum so far. It was lovely and light and soothing on my sensitive skin, but i don't think it was near enough to get a proper go at the product, i would almost prefer a bigger sample of one type, so i could try it out for a few days and see how my skin feels, however can't complain at some free samples!

The Wild Witchery Gold Highlighter £3.50

'shimmery highlighter stick that can be used to add a beautiful golden glow to cheeks, body and eyes'

Probably my favourite item in the box! I am in love with this beauty! Not sure what it's made with, which i usually like to know, but it is vegan and cruelty free so i'm all good! Looks lovely on the tops of my cheeks and as an inner corner eye highlight! IN LOVE!

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  1. That is something I need here in Paris, France !


  2. that highlighter sounds so cute! <3



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