Favourite Songs in Autumn ☕


Warpaint // Stars
'Just like the stars upon your ceiling that put you to sleep after...'
Even though is is probably my favourite song in the world and i listen to it all year round,  for me there is no time more perfect to listen to it then on the cold autumn night, when bundled up in bed in fluffy blankets. 

Ben Howard // Promise
'Winter shall howl at the walls, tearing down door of time..'
Any Ben Howard song, any day, and i am a very happy zoe! but recently i've been obsessed with promise from Every Kingdom, it's so mellow and relaxing and perfect to snuggle up to. One of my favourite things about thing song is the rain and wind you can hear in the background throughout the song...perfect.

Lauren Aquilina // Ocean
'I lost my head, somewhere between the surface and the seabed...'
I adore this girl and everything she releases, she (like ben howard) just seems to have this beautiful poetic way with words combined with nostalgic, gentle, melodic music. There is something so special about this one, if i close my eyes i can imagine myself standing on the beach, or swimming in a cove.

Rhodes & Birdy // Let It All Go
'There's a light on the road and i think you, morning has come and i have to go..'
Most of the songs i've featured are ones i've been listening to for a while because once i find songs i love i will just listen to them over and over, i find it so comforting! However this is a new one i recently discovered, sometimes it feels so therapeutic to listen to a sad song (especially when it has hope too)

Jeff Buckley // Mojo Pin
I'm lying in my bed, the blanket is warm, this body will never be safe from harm..'
i adore this man, and i'm so sad he's no longer with us and we'll never know what would of come next from him, but this is my favourite song by him, i'm not sure why but the lyrics make me think of a dream, but it feels so ...'cosy' if that makes any sense...

Hailey Gardiner // The woods
'Under the darkness of the trees we'll lay, chasing all the light when all the worlds awake..'
If you are anything like me, and you spend a lot of time daydreaming about the world (woodland, waterfalls, coast etc..) You must give this song a listen, she beautifully captures the essence of the woods with the beautiful melody and lyrics, it's become one of my favourite songs ever, it always helps pick me up on a bad day.

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  1. Nice song choices, have you heard Zella Day's songs? It's what I'm usually playing nowadays xD

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  2. I haven't heard of most of the songs or artists so I'll have to check them out. I need a little bit of autumn inspiration because were lacking it here in California. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. I haven't actually heard of any of these songs so you gave me a nice little chill session! And they are perfect to relax to!

    Musings & More


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