Little Thrift Haul


Hey lovelys!
I've been a poorly ol' bit recently, so i haven't felt up to doing an outfit post (plus leggings and size 20 jumpers has been my go to outfit...) So i thought i'd do a mini thrift haul!
Hope you like

Nothing like a bit of granny knit, love this little beauty!

I am unhealthily obsessed with crochet, so i couldn't not get this, it was a little more than i usually spend when thrifting but just look at it!

This was a depop thrifted piece, and it's such a beauty, the print is to die for and the fact
it's a maxi cardi makes it even better!

Stone Belt £7
Indian belt £10

Both thrifted ebay pieces, these two are going to be so overworn by me in summer i can already tell

Indian bag £3
Tassel bag £3
This blue beauty caught my eye, the detail in it is so beautiful!

I call this my Esmeralda dress, not sure why but it reminds me of her, so pretty!

Animal print, velvety goodness! 


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