A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head


Turban headband | Ebay
Smock Dress | Kiss the sky
Scarf | Charity Shop
Elephant Jacket | Ebay
Boots | New Look
Bag | Ebay

I've been eyeing up this tasselled beauty for sooo long now, but i just didn't have £40 spare to spend on one dress! But one day i was mooching ebay and came across someone selling it! Happy days! It's a bit shorter than i thought it would be but meh, who cares right?

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  1. Such a lovely outfit once again. And I must say you are the queen of turban headbands - I always want to try them but now that my hair is short I just cant find a way to wear them without looking like shit haha. One day I'll master it.... one day :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  2. The crochet is so amazing! Love it so much


  3. I love this look, the scarf is so pretty and the tassels on the dress are such a cute touch!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  4. You are stunning, absolutely love the outfits :) x



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