Hot sand on toes, cold sand in sleeping bags...


Shirt | Vintage
Gilet | Primark
Bag | Ebay
Boots | Office
Jewellery | Ebay, mamas, charity shops

hey there! 

how excited are you thats it's autumn?! Is it just me? Has to be my favourite season, the best 'holidays' halloween + bonfire, and the best fashion!!
 I've been doing a lot of mooching around my local charity shops and picking up some gems - like this embellished velvet beauty! Did i mention how much i love autumn? LOTS!

much love! 


                 Barry M Lipstick - Colour No. 160 Black Cherry

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  1. So excited for autumn as well! Deffo my fave season. Love your lip colour!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Obsessed with that look!!! You are sooo stunning! What a great lipstick for the fall!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

    1. thank you doll!! sure thing!! your blog is amazing, off to follow <3

  3. I bloody love autumn! Halloween has got to be my favourite holiday ever (even more than Christmas but shush). Really liking the velvet shirt, such a good find from a charity shop!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  4. I would so love to be going into Autumn right now. Well, I would love to experience an Autumn Halloween. We are going into Summer here in NZ and I am soo so sooooo excited for it!! The days are getting longer. Anyway. Love that shirt. Its got such a subtle pattern

  5. oh wow, that gilet is just so adorable, i'm in love with faux fur at the moment and it looks so warm and cosy. fall is my favorite season, so excited for halloween.

  6. I've bought a similar gilet from Matalan and you've given me an idea on what I can wear it with :D Victoria xx


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