Ebay 88 Warm Palette | Review


If you are like me and can't get enough of neutral eyeshadows - this ones for you! This little beauty is around £5 on ebay - yes you read it right, £5!!!

As for quality, i would give it ...hmmm, i would say 8/10 (with a primer) There are one or two shadows in this palette that do fall short (very sheer and a bit chalky) but with the amount of choice you get, you really don't notice very much! The shimmery ones are very pigmented and the matte whites, creams & peaches are so soft and lovely to work with! I literally could not fault this palette.

One thing that majorly impressed me was the fact the eyeshadows don't irritate my eyes! Trust me the struggle is real, i wear contact lenses and have very easily irritated eyes. As i don't believe this palette is hypoallergenic for being such a cheap product, i did have my doubts! I can literally wear my eye make-up all day and it doesn't bother me at all! 'SQUEE'

Not a fan of neutrals? No problem! There is literally a 88/120 palette for everyone, just pop '88 palette' into ebay and see what beautys come up!

Have fun!

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