Down these coves of limestone and cockle shells...


embroidered bardot crop | H&M
Shorts | Forever21
Sliders | Primark
choker | Ebay
Cuffs | charity shop
Anklets | Ebay

Long time so see!!
God it's been hot hasn't it?! well not right now, right now i'm back on the 100 denier tights at work! This ootd was from a couple of weeks back when it was scorchio! i had completely forgotten about it! I haven't done any posts recently, you know sometimes life gets in the way which makes me sad because blogging and reading blogs are my escape of all the shit of life but anyway, hopefully soon things are going to change! i will keep you updated!
Thinking of compiling a ebay wishlist for my next post, i have a lot in my watching list..hmmmmm


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  1. Oh my ebay wishlist is chocka too. Love the gypsy vibe of the top.

    Cats in Crop Tops

  2. Replies
    1. true true, i do love autumn but summer can't be over yet! thanks sweet xx


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