The wrong girl, the wrong body, the wrong mind....


 Black crop top | Primark
Swing Dress | Forever21
Coin Necklace | Ebay
Boots | Office
Crochet tassel bag | Primark

Hello week off! how i love you, how i have longed for you!
My god i needed this, i feel sooo shattered!!..but not enough to stop me hitting the charity shops today! Naughty Naughty! 

I've never really been a huge fan of forever21 except for the occasional clothing piece and some of the jewellery pieces but when i had some time off over my birthday i popped into the birmingham one and i was soooo impressed! They had some lovely things, especially this one collection...hollllly crap it was beautiful! Such beautiful boho pieces! If i could have afforded all of it i would have brought one of everything! 

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