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Dress | Charity Shop
Fur Gilet | Ebay
Boots | New Look
Fishnet pop socks | Ebay
Boyfriend slouchy coat | Charity shop
Rucksack | Primark

 I finally got round to altering my beaut of a charity shop find from the summer, i was originally going to make it into a two piece but i love it so much i was worried it would ruin it so i just hacked off the length and i lurrrrrrves it! Especially with opaque black tights and chunky boots (which is pretty much all i wear at the moment and layering loads of cardis and gilets and coats -hmmmm snug)

Anyone else watch 'The Great Gatsby' this week? I dragged my bottom all the way up to co-op on monday to get my copy! It was a strange one, i actually really enjoyed it, it made me think a lot afterwards and i think it's one of those films you need to watch again to take it all in. The costumes and set were incredible and only furthered my love for the 1920s!

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  1. I love the fur gilet and how you styled it.


  2. Loove the dress what an amazing find! literally all my best find are from chaza shops or carboots aha and omg layering is my lifee nowadays aha absolutely love our oversized boyf jacket too its so gorge! Actually havent seen the Great Gatsby but the trailer looked so prettyy might just have to check it out! Lovely post xo

  3. Really love the Fur Gilet! It's a really classy piece :3


  4. I love Gatsby! I can't wait to watch it again. Your outfit is just wow, I love this so much! awesome shoes and dress xx

  5. love your boots!


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