Push me on a lilo out to sea...


 Dress | River Island
Necklace | Ebay
Fluffy Cardigan | Primark
Boots | New Look

Oh holy hell, will someone come and confiscate these boots from me! I can't stop shoving them on my feet every morning...it's a problem! Who said little summer dresses couldn't be worn in the chilly weather? Throw on a thick pair of tights and you're set! In fact this is probably my fave way to style little dresses like this! As for the cardi, holy crap i never expected this cardi would become so popular  It's absolutely everywhere, not surprising really it's the softest, cosiest, snugglyist cardigan ever. (Dad tumble dried it a couple of weeks ago - He was in a whole world of trouble....don't worry it hardly shrunk cause our tumble is so shit so he's forgiven...for now)

I have to talk a little bit about this beautiful artist i've just come across, i came across her song 'sinners' and loved it for weeks until i found out she had an ep which i downloaded from itunes straight away! It's so beautiful i can't even describe <3
Go and have a listen
Lauren Aquilina

Things at home are settling, i managed to get a job in my new town which i start pretty soon! I like my life to have routine to it, so i'm hoping this new job will force that! yay! 

So push me on a lilo out to sea
Watch me float away never to be seen again
Dispose of all the things that you now hate
Look at all the chaos you've escaped


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  1. I love your dress & boots! your photos are so cool and lovely.

    1. awh thank you! what a lovely comment <3

  2. Hi Zoe, i find you so beautiful and love this dress, especially the boot. And you are right, summer dress with some innovations are always best for Autumn. And nice hair :)
    Your new follower via Bloglovin, hope you will follow back.

  3. that dress is sooo cute , love it. what do you think about following each other? i just discovered your blog and i really like it
    just let me know. xoxo diannetho.blogspot.com.es

  4. I don't blame you for wearing those boots a lot - they're lovely!!



  5. oo I have this dress too! loved how you styled it and it looks lovely on you! x


  6. Love this outfit! The dress and the boots go so well together, it gives a bit of edge. And your cardi also, seems so fluffy, I want it!

    Cute and Wild


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