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These past few days have been really difficult, me and the family have been culling all our stuff down to the sentimental and important things to take with us. Maybe it's looking through all the memories, i'm not really sure but i've been on edge. I feel really fragile at the moment and I've been spending some days not even leaving the comfort of my duvet (which when you are moving in a week or so, isn't the best idea when your room is an explosion of clothes to sort through)
I think because i went through a big period of no panic attacks at all, now that things are difficult they've started coming back at times when i would least expect it. I'm doing my best to keep them at bay, but i swear every time they come back they take a slightly different form and it makes it harder to handle! Hopefully it will all fall into place soon! But any-who life goes on!! Plodding on through...

I got this kimono from TKMAXX a couple of days ago and i really love it! I'm loving 'ethnic' style prints at the moment so this piece was a perfect fit! As for the fishnet shorts, they are a lifesaver really, they help so much with popping under garments to help cover you up a bit more, and i think they had some edge to an outfit which i luuurve <3

Oh my beautiful Coltrane dupes! I love them so much! (excuse my pasty legs!!) I can already tell these are going to be my a/w boots for sure! Imagining thick tights and little frilly socks!

Much love <3

Kimono | TKMAXX
Black Slip Dress | Charity Shop
Gold Chain | H&M
Fishnet shorts | DIY
Chunky cut out boots | New Look via Ebay

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  1. Hey girl love your outfit, I hope your panic attacks go away that's really not fun :( xxxkisses

  2. I am mad about your style :) btw I hope you are alright with the panic attacks



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