Hey there!


So i started again....something just wasn't sitting right with my old blog! I don't know why, maybe it was because i did it under my name, i don't know. I've been thinking of blog names for a while now, and it wasn't until i was 'water colouring' some dyes onto silk the other day and was using my uba cute little jar to clean my brushes, that i thought 'watercolourjar' would be so cute as a blog name! So here it is, i think i'm finally comfortable to start blogging more on this blog, well i hope so! I change my mind so much ...sigh. Anyways yay! i may just copy my fave blogposts from my normal blog and add them to here to start me off! As i don't think i'm going to use the other one at all anymore  <3

Much love 


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