Ebay Finds for Summer!


Ebay Finds.

Ebay and i have a roller coaster relationship, sometimes it's just so good to me, and other times we fall out and take some space from each other, but as of right now...we are just madly in love! It's great for me as i get to sell the clothes i'm not wearing and gather a bit of money in the ol' paypal and then purchase some new things for bargain prices! and i'm all for those bargains!

I can't believe this one i stumbled across, its an exact copy of the zara dress i've been lusting after! I know it won't be as good quality but i'm so tempted!!

Anything with daisies or sunflower on i'm going crazy for at the moe! eurgh it's just so cute!

these little cuties are dupes of the zara skorts but for a fraction of the price, i think with p+p these babys were £7 ..so good! 

If you're like me and have been lusting after the topshop t-shirt tie dye skater dresses, then i think you'll love this, it's the closest to the topshop one i've found

so cute!! 

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