Lana Del Rey.


I owe this lady so much, and because of this i thought it was only right to do a little blog post in tribute to her.
I discovered lanas music in end of 2011 when i heard video games, i thought the song was amazing and unlike anything i'd ever heard but i didn't know to much about her, but when born to die was when i realised i needed her album in my life, so in late january 2012 i picked it up! and it probably soundS so stupid, but it has literally changed my life.
2012 wasn't a good year for me really, but i honestly believe that her album got me through it all, and kept me going, and continues to, to this day. So because of that i owe this beautiful lady so much.

She just takes you to another place, a fantasy world of glamour and love and lust! Her music takes you to a place were you feel invincible.


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